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Multiplate Linoprint  ·  Limited Edition of 75

Size: 120 x 40cm / 47.2 x 15.7 in


AU$ 440 
Including GST

Large handcrafted linoprint, featuring a group of Yellowtailed Black Cockatoos, perched in Banksia Marginata (Silver Banksia). Printed on 100% cotton archival BFK Rives paper. Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered by the artist. This is a 9 layers linoprint, printed off four hand carved plates, each using the reduction method, and printed using a hand powered etching press in the artist's studio in southern Tasmania. The handmade nature of this printing technique means that every copy will be so ever slightly different from one another, each having their own uniqueness.

The Yellow Tail Black Cockatoo is one of the only three types of cockatoos naturally present in Tasmania (the two others being the Sulfur Crested Cockatoo and the Galah). A local favorite, this large bird prefers the bush to suburbs, and can be found in small to large groups. Noisy creatures, you'll usually hear them before you see them and they tend to favor areas rich with Banksias, Casuarinas (Sheoak) and even introduced pine plantations. They have an impressively strong beak, as can attest the amount of torn apart pine cones I keep finding in my paddock.

Banksia Marginata is a highly variable species,  ranging from a small shrubs to trees up to 13 meter tall. They can be found throughout much of Australia's South East and their habitat ranges from coastal shores to Alpine country. Many species of birds feed on the Banksia flowers for their nectar in blooming season and for their nutritional seeds later on. 

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