Hi, and welcome to this gallery.


I am Catherine Arsaut, artist, printmaker and illustrator.


Born in the southwest of France and now living in my chosen land of Tasmania, Australia, an island both tranquil and wild, where nature is abundant and ever inspirational. My life is deeply inspired by this beautiful island and my prints are a direct reflection of the land surrounding me, its distinctive flora and bountiful wildlife.  


I began my studies as a graphic designer in Bordeaux, France and it was there that I first discovered the art of printmaking, as I hand pulled linocut illustrations and made them the hero of my honours project.  From there I explored illustration work, watercolour, oil painting, collage… I love exploring all forms of art but the beauty of printmaking has remained. After a lifetime of travel, working too many odd jobs, while creating art on the side, I can finally make the plunge to follow my passion and focus on my art.


All prints showcased in this gallery have been carefully crafted in my home studio in the Huon Valley. I meticulously carve each plate, before running it through a hand powered portable press with beautifully crafted paper on top and a thin layer of ink in between. The handmade nature of this technique means that every print will be ever so slightly different from one another, each bearing their own uniqueness.